About Diane Budd

Diane is a practicing Animal Communicator and healer. She studied Metaphsyics for 3 years and then completed a diploma in Zoopharmacognosy through the Ingraham Academy (UK). The animals themselves are our best teachers – showing their innate ability to self medicate. They are incredibly accurate at selecting the plant extracts they need. To watch a session is really a humbling experience. Now they are given the opportunity to show us what they need in order to feel better, and what better reward than to have a healthier and happier animal to share your life with.

Diane’s vision is to share her ongoing knowledge with other people and in doing so, enrich the lives of animals and their owners.

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About Zoopharmacognosy

In the wild when animals feel unwell, they instinctively choose certain plants to self medicate – their survival depends on it. For example, mommy bucks will actively seek out Katjie drie blaar after giving birth, as it helps to get the hormone system back into balance. Starlings line their nests with certain herbal plants that scientists have since discovered reduces parasite infestations. Domestic and wild cats will roll on grasses and plants to release their fragrance and then inhale it.  Animals are naturally curious and through experience, they learn what is good for them and what is not.

Watching what plants animals eat, and when, has led to a number of pharmaceutical medicines that humans now use. They are teaching us and continue to do so.

Zoopharmacognosy, is a term used today where the animals are given the option to self medicate with a variety of different plant materials, such as herbs, oils and clays, to treat illnesses and behavioural problems. Some of these you might even have in your kitchen and even taken yourself, never thinking how benefical it is to your animal too.

They are very selective and specific about the plant extracts they select and it is the extracts they do select that has scientific evidence supporting the problem the animal is experiencing.