In person consultations are done using a mix of Animal Communication and Zoopharmacognosy (see explanation below). Each animal is different and therefore treated as such. At the start of a session the animal intuitively shows Diane what they need first, this could be plant extracts, oils or animal communication. Owners are very much involved in the session, it is a very personal and uplifting experience between you and your animal. The session is then guided by the animal and what they need when. Diane also does a HSP scan (high sense perception scan) over the body to check for areas of inflammation, discomfort or past physical trauma areas that need to be cleared or spoken about. Various plant extracts will be offered at different stages, depending what is picked up and worked on to help release and ultimately heal certain areas.

All owners are encouraged to prepare a list of questions or topics that they would like covered in the session. Usually most have been answered before the list even comes out.

If the session is with a horse – we discuss tack, how the saddle fits and how the rider feels to the horse and what can be improved or changed.

With dogs we talk about training (if any) leases or walks and anything that they would like their owner to know about.

With cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, tortoise’s and lizards anything in general that they feel is important to them i.e. what they like, what they don’t like, things they notice and feel

Food is always discussed – things like how it tastes, what they enjoy, and what they don’t. If a certain supplement helps or if they need anything else.

Zoopharmacognosy (self selection)

This eye raising word comes from the ancient greek language meaning ‘zoo’ (animal), ‘pharma’ (remedy) and ‘cognosy’ (knowing) and helps animals to maintain their health in a domestic situation.

Zoopharmacognosy gives the animal the choice to select his or her own natural plant extracts and remedies as they would do in the wild. A variety of different oils, minerals and clays are offered to the animal, based on the symptoms displayed – behavioural and/or physiological issues. The animal is given the opportunity to restore its health and self-medicate. The animals consent is always first obtained. They then guide the process and choose from the selection and dosage necessary for them, enabling them to express their natural behaviour. This is one of the oldest therapies known to man and it is very special to watch and witness the changes.

Animal Communication

Diane also does sessions on animals who have passed over – this can be done via email or with the owner in person using a photograph of the animal.

If a particular remedy or choice of plant extracts is selected – these will be mixed on site and left with the owner to continue use after the session as discussed.

Animals talk about anything and everything, some are shy, some are curious and others talk non-stop. What may seem trivial and every day to us is very important to them and a session allows them the opportunity to voice that.

Please note: Diane does NOT track missing animals. She simply does not have the time and there are other communicators who focus solely on tracking.