Frequently asked questions

Diane does house calls in and around the Cape Town area. Should you want to schedule an appointment then please let her know and how flexible you are time wise. She will put you on the list and let you know the when she will be in the area.
Diane typically arrives and starts bringing through information on the animals. At any stage during a session she may start working with her box of plant extracts if and when needed. Some animals want the extracts presented first others not. The session is very much guided by the animals. Questions can then be asked and a body scan done.

Horses / Donkeys – 1

Dogs and cats – max 3/4

These sessions are done up to a max of 10 horses or dogs and take about 3 hours. She walks with the owner amongst the herd or pack and pick up how the animals are feeling in general, herd structure, problem areas and anything individuals would like to bring to the owner or yard managers attention.

To do the reading the following is required

  • Photograph of your pet
  • Name of the animal and copy of the eft
  • Questions you might have – limit is 6

She connects to the animal and brings through information first and does a body scan. Thereafter she will ask questions from the owner. She has the intuitive ability to feel what animals are experiencing.  When she finds issues, she will intuitively assess what is causing the behaviour or problem along with suggestions or a remedy that might be necessary to aid healing.

Yes, you must be the owner of the animal. In the case of a horse if you are not the owner, but have an arrangement with the owner or half lease, the owner still needs to give permission. If it’s a dog or cat, then the owner needs to be present at the reading.
We have a PayPal account so that international clients can pay securely by credit card.
All long distance readings must be paid in advance of your scheduled appointment.
If you need to reschedule, we do understand. Please let us know as soon as possible and we will reschedule your appointment.